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Education System

Why Education Is Not Universal?

Education in today’s times is very important, we all are dependent on the same for our inner, personal, and professional development. And with the supreme importance that Education holds in our lives, Universal Education, in this sense, means the kind of education which is premium, and is available to each and every individual globally.

But with, the bar of corruptness, greediness, and unstableness in our political systems has prevailed, and the quality and the quantity of the circulation of Education in terms of its universal nature have degraded the definition of Education.

We as humans always preach the growing need for Education, but when it comes to Education for all, and the universal structure for Education, the reality of the same hits in a different way.

While considering the important need and demand that Education plays in today’s working sector, still half of the globe’s population are lacking the well-formulated Universal Education.

 Poverty, a misery

The fact that today we are living in a giant tech world and still not talking about the distress of poverty is very shameful. Education is everyone’s born right, but with the establishment of the greedy, money-driven political system in which we live, where we have to pay even for our born right i.e., Education is a shameful and disgraceful act in itself.

The ideology of Universal Education focuses on the urge for the greater involvement of each and every individual on the planet in a supreme, quality-ridden Education. But the establishment of all these political systems in our political and economic structures, which are only driven by the objective of assembling a greater number of bucks for themselves primarily comes into place.

Education System

Not Enough Awareness

Not Enough awareness is yet another factor, which proves the point that why Education is not going to be universal.

Especially in traditional societies, the conservative philosophies lead small children to ignore the broad scope of Education. Without gaining the importance of Education in our daily lives, leaves individuals, especially children get into the vicious debt of child labour, especially in conservative societies.

Therefore, with this, one thing can be made purely clear that if any action is not taken in terms of all the social evils with the political corruptness, then in the future it is very sure that we are likely going to live in a world, where universal education stands for nothing.